1022 – Proposal 3: GSR Duties

Proposal 3: To assist GROW to be better informed about AA as a whole in the case of a vacant GSR post; at the Business Meeting we ask for a TS to volunteer to receive and forward the quarterly AA Newsletter Box 4-5-9 and to highlight the Calendar page as per our Group Conscience October 2018. 

Rationale: As the group are aware we repeatedly struggle to fill a small number of key TS positions. One part of the GSR role in helping keep our group informed about AA as a whole is the forwarding of Box 4-5-9. We voted on this becoming part of the GSR role four years ago yet have been without an active GSR for much of this time.Follow the link to read our original discussion to receive the newsletter: http://g-r-o-w.com/1018-proposal-11-gsr-459-calendar/

As a measure to help us as a group be better informed would the group consider allowing a TS to volunteer to carry out this bullet point until the next Business Meeting.

Summary of Comments
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Summary of Comments

We received one comment on this proposal that GROW approves asking for a volunteer from the current Trusted Servants who will receive and forward AA’s quarterly Newsletter Box 4-5-9 and highlight the Calendar Page as described in our Group Conscience Decision of October 2018. The comment included a reminder that this is a quarterly duty and that the connection to the wider AA community is particularly important in the absence of a GSR volunteer.

During the second 3-day session, we will vote on this proposal.

Also during the second 3-day session, we will consider three more proposals:

  • Proposal 4: 2024 International Women’s Conference
  • Proposal 5: Secretary’s Duties
  • Proposal 6: Business Meeting Chair’s Duties

I will also send out a discussion document addressing alternatives for addressing GROW’s continuing vacancies in Trusted Servant positions. You will be asked to review the document and provide your opinions and ideas on possible options for handling Trusted Servant vacancies in the longer term.

You can review all documents that have been published to the Business Meeting on GROW’s website at Business Meetings – GROW (g-r-o-w.com). Remember that the password to enter the Members’ section is sobertodayhow2484.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

danna M
GROW Business Meeting Chair

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