1022 – Proposal 4: 2024 IWC

Proposal 4: GROW authorizes Cheryl B to poll our membership to identify women who are interested in attending the 2024 International Women’s Conference (IWC) in Washington DC and to represent GROW in contacting the IWC to explore opportunities to participate by staffing a booth, either separately or in cooperation with other online AA groups, or volunteering for other service opportunities. She will report her findings in the April 2023 Business Meeting and seek approval for further action.

Rationale: Members of GROW attending the 60th IWC in February 2024 together would strengthen relationships between our members. It would give us an opportunity to share about things not directly related to our sobriety, allowing members to get to know one another on a level not possible in our online meetings. It would offer an opportunity to be of service as a group, supporting one another while having fun and introducing other AA’s to GROW.

Cheryl B would volunteer to be the contact person with the IWC committee. She would keep GROW members that wish to participate informed of dates/deadlines for registration, hotel reservations and details regarding a service position.

When we have information on GROW members attending the IWC and an understanding of how GROW could participate in the Conference, Cheryl will present a proposal on GROW’s role and possible funding needs to the April 2023 GROW Business Meeting.

Summary of Comments

Three women commented on Proposal 4, which would authorize Cheryl B to identify GROW members who plan to attend the 2024 International Women’s Conference and to act as contact for GROW with the IWC organization to explore ways we could be of service at the conference. All of those who commented enthusiastically supported the proposal.

We will vote on this proposal in the third 3-day session.

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