1019 – Business Meeting Summary

Oct 2019 – Business Meeting Summary

For the October 2019 meeting, 22 members signed up to attend.

The business meeting began on October 1, 2019. Proposal 1.1 was submitted by Tanya Q. to document the job descriptions for WEB Admin, WEB Keeper and WEB Keeper Backup.
There was discussion about the requirements as a grow member, the term of service and the progression of a trusted servant through all 3 positions. We were able to come to agreement and the proposal was approved unanimously on the first vote.

Proposals 2.1 through 2.4 defined the responsibilities of the Sponsor Listkeeper and the Temporary Mentor and the form letters associated with both positions.
There was support for the proposals with the exception of whether or not to email names and email addresses for women willing to sponsor to every new member and the placement of some wording. The proposals were approved with the moving of one paragraph in a letter and the change that online sponsors would be sent to any member who requested the information. The votes on the proposed letters was unanimous. The vote on the job descriptions was not unanimous but did pass by the required 2/3 majority.

Proposal 2.5 was unanimously approved for the elimination of the Newcomer Committee.

Proposal 2.6 changed the language concerning online sponsors to match the proposed job description/ form letters. There was discussion concerning having the GROW member password in the information. Once that was removed, the proposal was unanimously approved.