1019 – Proposal 2.2: Sponsor Listkeeper Form

Proposal 2.2: This proposal suggests changes to the Sponsor Listkeeper form letters

Proposal: Revise the current form letters for the Sponsor Listkeeper so that they are easier to read and focus on only one idea. Separate the content into: (1) monthly mailing to GROW membership announcing the available online sponsees, (2) monthly invitation for GROW members to volunteer to be included on the Sponsor List, and (3) monthly confirmation that people on the sponsor list wish to remain there.

Discussion on Proposal 2.2

Joan, I think maybe the committee overlooked the paragraph starting with “many of us have found….
I don’t see the need to include it twice. It appears in the Sponsor List Announcement and in the introductory paragraph about online sponsorship. My opinion.

Thank you for forwarding the comment, Joan. However, I disagree. The reason for duplicating the language is to be consistent from one GROW source to another. Proposal 2.2 is for the Sponsor List Announcement form letter that the Sponsor Liskeeper sends out each month, while Proposal 2.6 adds the same language to our website page on sponsors will will remain the same over time.
To me, the issue isn’t how many times it’s said but whether we are consistent in GROW’s different ‘publications.’

So…. do we need to include something on the letter to confirm that they still want to be on the sponsor list that they are still a member of GROW and wish to be of service to the membership.

I like the new form letters. I like the system for the SLK.

Thanks for the clarification Danna & Gigi. I agree this is about having consistency across our “publications”.

Following up on Laurie’s point about clarifying that one is a sponsor in GROW, we could simply add “in this group” to the letter where it is now placed in red (below). Letter #3 already mentions that this sponsorship is in GROW.

Alternatively, we could add something to the effect of One must be a member of GROW to be on this list, or something like that at the end of the first paragraph.

Thank you for the amendment. However, I feel the check between the SLK by the Listkeeper to confirm someone is still a current member should remain. I’m not sure why it would be a good idea to take this out. I have done two roles – 12th Step Listkeeper & Sponsor Listkeeper and found it was essential for me to check in with the Listkeeper as members do unsubscribe and it takes the Listkeeper a minute to run the check.

I am suggesting this as an addition to having the SLK confirm with the listkeepers. The persons signing up to be sponsors should know that they are supposed to remain members of our group to stay on the list.

I must say I never thought of it before this meeting but having email addresses that could be shared is a concern. I would be comfortable with keeping the list of available sponsors just on the website. I do feel it should still be required to check monthly with the women to see if they still want to be a sponsor on the list and are still a part of GROW. This is potentially the first contact a new person will make and therefore its important we try to make sure it is correct.

Results of Voting on Proposal 2.2

Voting: Seventeen (17) participants in favor, and no one voted against Proposal 2.2. Therefore, Proposal 2.2 is adopted as a Group Conscience decision.

Group Conscience Decision:

Updated Sponsor Listkeeper form letters are as follows:

# 1 – Sponsor List Announcement:
Dear Women of GROW,
Grateful Recovering Online Women supports sponsorship. We offer this list to you of women who are willing to sponsor on-line. Many of us have found there is nothing like a live voice at the end of the phone, or a warm hug in a f2f contact when we are overwhelmed with a problem in our lives. On-line sponsorship can add another dimension to your recovery as on-line meetings. Please be aware that you can also ask anyone in GROW to be your sponsor. Online sponsors are not limited to this list. Know that it may take a few trials to find the right fit for you in a Sponsor.

For more information about sponsorship, please visit our web page on sponsorship (g-r-o-w.com/member-welcome/trusted-servants/online-sponsors/) in GROW’s members only section (password: sobertodayhow2484). You can also find AA’s “Questions and Answers on Sponsorship” at www.aa.org/assets/en_US/p-15_Q&AonSpon.pdf.

List of Available Sponsors:
[list sponsor names and information]
Phone numbers of many on the above list are available upon request.

Sponsor Listkeeper

#2 – Sponsor List Invitation [New Form Letter]
Dear Women of GROW,

You can enhance your sobriety by offering to sponsor other alcoholics and share what has been given to you with others. If you would like to offer your name as a potential online sponsor in this group, please review the GROW web page on Sponsorship at g-r-o-w.com/member-welcome/trusted-servants/online-sponsors/ (Password: sobertodayhow2484). You might also refer to AA’s pamphlet “Questions and Answers on Sponsorship” at aa.org/assets/en_US/p-15_Q&AonSpon.pdf.

If after reviewing this information, you want to add your name to our list, please send me the following information:

· name
· geographic location
· sobriety date
· telephone number (if you wish)
· current e-mail address
· whether you are interested in being a temporary sponsor for a new member to GROW

You will then be added to our Available Online Sponsors list which is sent to the group each month and to those who ask about sponsorship (whether on a temporary or permanent basis). Know the list is updated every month, and you must affirm your desire to stay on the list from month to month. Please know that you may be asked to sponsor newcomers and be alert to a suggested response time of 48 hours.

Thank you,
Sponsor Listkeeper

#3 – Sponsor List Confirmation [New Form Letter]
Dear Volunteer:

Thank you for your service this past month by putting your name and contact information forward for being a sponsor in GROW. If you wish to continue next month, please Reply to [Sponsor Listkeeper Name].

If you do not reply by the end of the month, I will remove your name from the list unless and until you contact me again.

If you want to continue to be on the list, please send me any corrections or changes in your sponsor information.

Thank you,
Sponsor Listkeeper
[e-mail address]