1019 – Proposal 2: Sponsor Listkeeper TS

Proposal 2: Sponsor Listkeeper job description

This proposal suggests changes to the Sponsor Listkeeper job description.

Rationale: During our discussions on the Temporary Mentor (newcomer committee and providing links to AA resources), it became clear that there are issues related to the Online Available Sponsors list/webpage because the people on that list do not always respond timely (or at all) to newcomers’ requests for help. Further, Available Online Sponsors do not rotate, and the only members that rotate on both the 12th Step List and the Sponsor List are the listkeepers. The Available Online Sponsor webpage creates the impression that only people on the sponsor list can sponsor, which in reality is not the case.

Discussion on Proposal 2.1

My one hesitation about this Proposal is that a person could theoretically no longer be a member of GROW and still remain on the Sponsor list, if the Sponsor Listkeeper does not check in with the listkeepers monthly or so.  Someone could unsub (either by themself through our admin pages or through the listkeepers) and still be receiving letters from the SLK, responding to them, and remaining on the Sponsor list.  It's a really small detail so I hesitate to even bring it up, but something keeps telling me to mention it.

I am in agreement about keeping in the checks to ensure those on the sponsor list are actually still subscribed members of GROW. This is a requirement of others eg 12th Step Listkeeper- to check monthly. Thanks Gigi for the clarification as to why this is important.

I’m not sure we made clear enough our total proposal for the Sponsor Listkeeper (SLK). There are three form letters proposed, instead of the one that exists today. They break up the things the SLK is doing into three discrete actions each month:

  1. Presenting the list of available sponsors to the group
  2. Asking for volunteers to be sponsors in GROW
  3. Confirming that women on the sponsor list want to stay on the sponsor list

We did drop the requirement for the SLK to check with the listkeepers to see if women are still members of GROW. There is a time limit on the ladies' response to the SLK. If they do not respond timely, they will be dropped from the list automatically. While there was not unanimous agreement on this point, most of the participants in the Ad Hoc Committee felt that would be sufficient. The women currently in those positions did not think it necessary.

I must say I never thought of it before this meeting but having email addresses that could be shared is a concern. I would be comfortable with keeping the list of available sponsors just on the website. I do feel it should still be required to check monthly with the women to see if they still want to be a sponsor on the list and are still a part of GROW. This is potentially the first contact a new person will make and therefore its important we try to make sure it is correct.

Results of Voting on Proposal 2.1

Voting: Seventeen (17) participants in favor, and no one voted against Proposal 2.1. Therefore, Proposal 2.1 is adopted as a Group Conscience decision.

Group Conscience Decision:

The Sponsor Listkeeper job description is revised as shown, deleting bullets that have been struck out and adding the bullets shown in red.

Sponsor Listkeeper Job Description
  • 6 month term
  • 1 year sobriety
  • Must be member of Business List.
  • Maintains a list of group members who are willing to sponsor online, including: first name, last initial, DOS, email address, location of residence.
  • At the term’s beginning and midterm, confirms sponsor volunteers are still GROW members.
  • Twice each month sends reminders to the group that the list is available upon request.
  • Forwards sponsor list to members when requested.
  • At least once each month, mails sponsor list to the group (see Sponsor List Announcement form letter). May want to resend if someone on the list drops out mid-month.
  • Each month, invites GROW members to volunteer to be online sponsors (see Sponsor List Invitation form letter).
  • Each month, verifies that each woman on the list of available online sponsors want to continue to serve as a temporary or permanent sponsor (see Sponsor List Confirmation form letter).
  • The Listkeeper and Sponsor Listkeeper will coordinate to ensure that when someone unsubs, if that person is listed on the Sponsor List, her name will be deleted from the list of available sponsors as well.
  • The Sponsor Listkeeper will work with the Temporary Mentor to assure that newcomers who want a sponsor are assigned a temporary sponsor.
  • Common duties and requirements to all Trusted Servant positions is described here.
  • Wording for letter commonly used is provided in the link below:
  • Sponsor List Announcement
  • Sponsor List Invitation
  • Sponsor List Confirmation