0419 – Proposal 12: Monthly Step Meeting

Proposal 12: Monthly Step Meeting

  • I propose that the current Step language pertinent to each month be inserted into
    the regular meeting format for the month indicated. It should be inserted at the
    start of the Lead section, and the Weekly Leader may add her lead immediately
    after that.
  • I also propose that the Tradition should continue to be sent at the start of each month just as has been done.

Summary of Comments on Proposal 12

The discussion was a dialog about the language for the step topic and who would
supply it. Here are the comments:

1. Question: Who will insert the language for the Step meeting for the corresponding
month at the beginning of each month? The Weekly Lead or the Weekly Leader
2. To Laura’s question, the Weekly Listkeeper will insert the language into to the format.
3. So if I understand correctly
The request for weekly leaders forms will need a paragraph about the first week being a
step meeting
Then when the weekly leader list keeper sends the weekly reminder for the first week of
the month she’s going to have to amend the letter to reflect the meeting is a step
If that’s the case we should just approve another letter so she has it on hand
4. If we made it another form letter we would need 12 form letters, 1 for each month. I
think the Weekly Listkeeper can insert the topic each month.
5. I support the proposal to insert the language we currently use for the relevant Step
6. Thanks Amanda for clarifying that change to the weekly Listkeeper job description re
leaving just Tradition as monthly.
7. With respect to all views, I’d suggest we leave it to the weekly Listkeeper to work out if
she needs to pre-prepare additional form letters/drafts or if she’ll copy and paste for the
relevant month. It feels as if this could be a case of trusting our Trusted Servants to carry
out the role, and if needed formalising additional form letters at a future business
8. What has been shared here makes sense to me. Seems simpler.
9. Makes sense.
10. This proposal does not include/contain the language to be inserted into the regular
meeting format, and I’m not sure what the “current Step language” means. Could you
insert the recommended language within the proposal so we know what we’re voting on?
11. To answer Danna’s question, the current language refers to the the lead that is used
in the current monthly step meeting. It is in the form letters for the step/traditions
meetings. Does that answer your question?
12. Every proposal that changes a job description, form letter, or any
“official” GROW document should also include a “Recommended Language”
section so that it is very clear what we’re approving. Because this
proposal does not explicitly contain the recommended language, and I’m
not sure what I’m voting on …
I disagree (vote changed to agree)

Results of Voting on Proposal 12

Voting: Twelve (12) participants in favor, and no one voted against.

Group Conscience Decision: