1019 – Proposal 2.6: Online Sponsors page

Proposal 2.6: This proposal suggests changes to the GROW webpage to align with the changes suggested concerning online sponsors

Discussion on Proposal 2.6

Joan, I think maybe the committee overlooked the paragraph starting with “many of us have found….
I don’t see the need to include it twice. It appears in the Sponsor List Announcement and in the introductory paragraph about online sponsorship. My opinion.

Thank you for forwarding the comment, Joan. However, I disagree. The reason for duplicating the language is to be consistent from one GROW source to another. Proposal 2.2 is for the Sponsor List Announcement form letter that the Sponsor Liskeeper sends out each month, while Proposal 2.6 adds the same language to our website page on sponsors will will remain the same over time. To me, the issue isn’t how many times it’s said but whether we are consistent in GROW’s different ‘publications.’

My one concern about this is that our password is printed in this. I’d like to see our password remain in emails. I would prefer not to see it printed on Members pages. I know, someone has to have already used it to have gotten to the Members pages. Then they don’t need it again, do they?

Thanks for the clarification Danna & Gigi. I agree this is about having consistency across our “publications”.

I had not thought of that, thank you Gigi! I agree

This sounds great— I agree with the proposed changes.

Results of Voting on Proposal 2.6

Proposal 2.6 received 14 yes and 4 no votes. The minority opinion will present.