1019 – Proposal 2.3: Temp Mentor Job Desc

Proposal 2.3: This proposal suggests changes to the Temporary Mentor Job Description

Discussion on Proposal 2.3

Again, my one hesitation with this is that the women who offer to be on the Sponsor list may not realize that their names are going to every new member. I would much rather see new members have to do a little bit of work by reaching out to our Sponsor Listkeeper to obtain that list of names.

Here is my thinking: We have over 400 members now, yet we hear from a small percentage of them. Yet all 400 have received the list of sponsors. I would not put my name out there for that level of exposure. Women who continue to operate on the level of thinking that it’s easy to stop drinking, I’ll just join a group, may not be responsible enough to keep that list close. They may return to drinking and become too careless. They could have saved the list to their contacts and be hacked. It’s just not safe enough for me.

This is a good point. I don’t think it’s a huge barrier to have women take the extra step and request the sponsor list.

Love it. Great work ladies

Results of Voting on Proposal 2.3

Proposal 2.3 received 14 yes and 3 no votes. The minority opinion will present.