0418 – Business Meeting Agenda

Apr 2018 – Business Meeting Agenda

Additional individual emails will be coming, to which you can respond.
Trusted Servant (TS) Positions – Incoming & Outgoing TS identified (posted separately)
Semi-Annual Reports: GSR, GVR, OIAA, Treasurer, Listkeeper, Secretary, Business Meeting Chair (posted separately)
Business Items (each will be posted separately to facilitate discussion and voting)

Below are the proposals received to date that we will discuss during the Business Meeting. The following list contains brief summaries rather than the full proposal language as it will be presented. If you have an item that you would like to have addressed, or if I have not accurately represented an item that you recommended, please email me privately and I will add it to the Agenda.

Proposal 1.1: Changes to OIAA Representative’s job description.
Proposal 2.1: Changes to Treasurer’s job description.
Proposal 3.1: Add language about not using URLs in messages to the Weekly Meeting Format Letter.
Proposal 4.1: Website report and proposal.
Proposal 5.1: Changes to GSR job description.
Proposal 6.1: Changes to Listkeepers’ job description.
Proposal 7.1: Changes to Greeters’ job description.
Proposal 8.1: Changes to Grapevine Representative’s job description.
Proposal 9.1: Changes to Weekly Meeting Listkeeper’s job description.
In order to give us ample time to discuss and make decisions on the website conversion, Proposal 4.1 will be the only proposal presented for discussion during the first three-day session.

The rest of the proposals, excluding Proposal 3.1 (Weekly Meeting Format Letter), present recommendations from current and prior Trusted Servants based on reviews of their job descriptions to assure they are current and accurate. Because the recommended changes represent substantive changes to the Trusted Servant’s job as approved by Group Conscience, your approval is necessary. They will be presented for discussion at the beginning of the second and third three-day sessions.

Two additional job descriptions were changed without a proposal, as they were not substantive. They were (deletions in strikeout/blue, additions in bold/red):

Secretary: Knows how to access job descriptions and form letters (particularly the monthly FYI and GROW Guidelines letters) necessary to carry out the tasks.

Temporary Mentor: About one 2-3 days after she joins, contact each new member to explain your position as Temporary Mentor (TM), offering to answer questions or provide guidance until the member feels comfortable in the GROW group. (Send letter # 1 – see below)

Also, delete the following bullet: If the TM has not heard from the new member in about 7 – 10 days, send letter #2. (see below)

Respectfully yours, danna M. GROW | Business Chair dmcd.grow@zoho.com