0418 – Business Meeting Chair Report

Apr 2018 – Business Meeting Chair Report

“Mini” Steering Committee Activities
In April 2016, by Group Conscience Decision, we decided that the Business Chair, Secretary, and Listkeepers would be the main contacts when minor issue arose that needed Steering Committee Attention. If that “Mini” Steering Committee could not resolve the issue, it was to bring it to the full Steering Committee for resolution. Since October 2017, only one minor conflict arose which was resolved quickly with no need to elevate to the full Committee.

Review of Trusted Servant Job Descriptions
In April, I committed to ask Trusted Servants to review their current job descriptions posted to our website and identify any outdated or incorrect duties. As you know, I forgot about this, forcing everyone to do their reviews over the past week. I did not ask the Webkeeper or Webkeeper Backup to review their job descriptions, as they are working on a project that will involve this task.

I have received responses from all Trusted Servants! THANK YOU!!! Twelve job descriptions were reviewed. Five job descriptions were approved as is. Two job descriptions required minor changes that were not substantive, and they have been corrected on the webpage (see he bottom of this report).

Trusted Servants identified changes for seven job descriptions that would alter job duties assigned by Group Conscience decision. These changes will require discussion and decision-making by the participants of our Business Meeting. The positions we will discuss include:

General Services Representative (GSR)
Grapevine Representative (GVR)
OIAA Representative
Weekly Leader Listkeeper
In order to make significant progress on the proposal for our website, I will defer presenting these proposals until the second 3-day session. Then, I will present these proposed changes in small batches over two or three 3-day sessions.

Job Description Changes Made without Business Meeting Review

Secretary – addition to bullet: Knows how to access job descriptions and form letters (particularly the monthly FYI and GROW Guidelines letters) necessary to carry out the tasks.

Temporary Mentor – edit to one bullet: About one 2-3 days after she joins, contact each new member to explain your position as Temporary Mentor (TM), offering to answer questions or provide guidance until the member feels comfortable in the GROW group. (Send letter # 1 – see below)

Delete the following bullet: If the TM has not heard from the new member in about 7 – 10 days, send letter #2. (see below)

If you think any of these changes should be discussed in our meeting, please let me know as soon as possible.

Respectfully yours, danna M. GROW | Business Chair dmcd.grow@zoho.com