1018 – Second 3-day Session Close

Close of Second 3-day Session

The second 3-day session of our October 2018 Business Meeting is closed. During this period, we voted on three proposals and discussed three new proposals.

Participants voted on:
Proposal 2.1 – Change the monthly FYI Letter
Proposal 3.2 – Add an anonymity statement to the Weekly Meeting Format Letter
Proposal 4.1 – Increase GROW’s contribution to oso-aa.org

Participants discussed:
Proposal 5.2 – Temporary Mentor & Newcomer Committee
Proposal 6.2 – Temporary Mentor & AA Resources
Proposal 7.2 – Abolish OIAA Representative Position

The Chair will distribute separate e-mails describing the voting results and summaries of discussions for each proposal.

During the third 3-day period, we will consider the Minority Opinion on Proposal 3.2a; vote on Proposals 5, 6, and 7; and discuss three new proposals:

Proposal 8.3 – Group Inventory Follow-up
Proposal 9.3 – GROW Step Meeting
Proposal 10.3 – Online Sponsors

danna M
GROW Business Chair