1018 – GVR Report

Oct 2018 – GVR Report

I have been Grapevine Rep (GVR) for 12 months. Each month I’ve sent out one email containing the Grapevine topic for the month and various other AA/Grapevine announcements.

At the last Business Meeting we agreed that the Grapevine topic could be better highlighted and this does seem to have encouraged more sharing from Grow members on the monthly topic.

I always copied and pasted an article related to the topic in full at the end of my GVR email. This is permitted by Grapevine as it’s us sharing it with our group. Feedback seems to show that Grow members appreciate having the story there in full to read.

I have always felt some of the Grapevine announcements get a bit lost in the monthly topic meeting email, and it was my intention to send out a second email just for these; however, I didn’t but I’ve passed that on as an idea in my handover of the service position to the incoming GVR.

I also discovered towards the end of my term that there is a handbook or set of guidelines available to GVRs. It is on the Grapevine website and I’ve emailed a link to it for the incoming GVR. I found it really useful to read about the history of the magazine, the format, how it carries the message and how it’s a recovery tool and the explanations as to why things are in it, I definitely recommend we continue to inform future GVRs that these guidelines are there.

Final thought… there’s a lot of audio available through the Grapevine website! Worth checking out if you have a subscription.

Thanks for letting me serve as GVR.

In love and service