0418 – Second 3-day Period Minutes

Minutes for Second 3-day Period

During the second 3-day period of our April 2018 Business Meeting, participants voted on one proposal and discussed four new proposals.

Results of Voting on Proposal 4.1 – GROW Website

Of the 28 members on the business list, 21 voted in favor of the proposal. No one voted against it. Therefore, we have a unanimous Group Conscience decision, and the workgroup is now authorized to complete the tasks outlined in their Report/Proposal. We want to thank the workgroup for their ongoing efforts to improve GROW’s website: Tanya C (Workgroup Leader & Webkeeper), Cheryl D (Webkeeper Backup), Laurie C, Gigi D, and Allison M.

Group Conscience Decision:

GROW will create new website using WordPress as its platform to be hosted on the current host (oso-aa.org). The workgroup will present the proposed website in October 2018 that will include revised job descriptions for the Webkeeper and Webkeeper Backup as well as for a new Trusted Servant position of Website Administrator.

Workgroup Report/Proposal:
The workgroup proposes creating new website using WordPress as its platform. This allows for an archival, user-friendly, device-responsive solution that has plagued our current website. We recommend hosting it with our current host (oso-aa.org). The cost of hosting will not change from our current contributions. The cost for building the new website will be $0 as it will be built by members of the workgroup.

The process for building the new website will take 5-6 months to complete, and it is the intent of the workgroup to migrate the content of the old website to the new website without any major changes. However, due to the nature of the new platform (WordPress) there may be some deviation in its structure. It is the intent of the workgroup to note any such deviation and present it as a proposal for approval in the October business meeting.

Proposed detail timeline:

Set up the site and structure – 2 weeks
Copy content over 30 pages a month; current website has 91 pages – 3 months.
Review and test – one month
Copy content over 30 pages a month; current website has 91 pages – 3 months.
Discuss and iron out roles and description of trusted servants – admin, web-keeper and backup web-keeper. Prepare proposals to present in October – 2 weeks
Copy content over 30 pages a month; current website has 91 pages – 3 months.
Standards and rules (category/tags) for web-keepers, checklist for admin – 1 week
Copy content over 30 pages a month; current website has 91 pages – 3 months.
Prepare proposal(s) to be approve for site deviation(s) – 1 week
Copy content over 30 pages a month; current website has 91 pages – 3 months.
Projected total time – 4 1/2 months – 6 months (to allow for life events)
The workgroup recommends adding an Admin trusted-servant position with a specific list of functions to manage and oversee the backend of the website. We also recommend modifying the roles of webkeeper and backup webkeeper to the functions of maintaining the content of the website. We recommend that all these positions be rotating and voting members of the steering group. The specifics and detailed responsibilities of these roles will be presented in the October meeting.

It is our intent from this proposal is to get approval from the membership to proceed with building the new website.

It is outside the scope of this proposal to 1) review and modify the role of the Treasurer to be the keeper of the domain and host as they are the ones that transfer payment to those pertinent entities and 2) to review the contributions paid to oso-aa.org.

Discussions on Proposals Addressing Trusted Servant Job Descriptions:

During the second 3-day session, participants had the opportunity to discuss changes that were proposed to several positions as a result of reviews by Trusted Servants to assure their own position descriptions were up-to-date and accurate. The TS positions discussed in this session were: OIAA Representative, Treasurer, and GSR.

Comments were brief and generally supportive of the job description edits. The number of participants commenting on each proposal were: six on Proposal 1.2 (OIAA Rep), seven on Proposal 2.2 (Treasurer), and four on Proposal 5.2 (GSR). For Proposal 2.2, past Treasurers commented that the Rationale section of the proposal was not entirely accurate; however, they were in favor of the proposed job description edits.

Proposal 3.2 called for adding a reminder to the Weekly Meeting Format Letter that GROW’s policy is to discourage the use of URLs in posts to the mailing list. All comments supported the proposal. Comments supported this proposal.

In the third 3-day session, we will vote on Proposals 1.2, 2.2, 3.2, and 5.2. Please do not submit your vote on any of these until you receive the official “Call for Votes” message.

In the third 3-day session, we will also discuss several more proposals aimed at updating current Trusted Servant job descriptions. Given the limited comments on and general approval of these job description proposal in the second 3-day session, we will consider all remaining proposals at this time:

Proposal 6.3 (GROW Roll Call timing)
Proposal 7.3 (Greeters job description)
Proposal 8.3 (Grapevine Rep job description)
Proposal 9.3 (Weekly Leader Listkeeper job description)
Proposal 10.3 (12th Step Volunteer Listkeeper)

Respectfully submitted, danna M |Business Meeting Chair dmcd.grow@zoho.com