0418 – Proposal 6: Changes to Listkeepers’ Job Description

Proposal 6: Changes to Listkeepers’ job description.

Proposal 6.3: Change the line item in the Listkeepers’ job descriptions to reflect the actual need for GROW mailing list roll calls from every year to every third year or if list management problems arise.

Rationale: The change results from the current Trusted Servant’s review of the existing job description. The oso-aa.org administrator has informed our Listkeepers that the roll call is only needed when there are problems with the functioning of the list. Therefore, our Listkeepers recommend changing the frequency to once every three years unless unforeseen problems come up.

Recommended Language (amend the following bullet as shown): Conduct a roll call every third year or if needed to address list management problems when they arise. The particulars of when and how shall be left to the discretion of the Listkeepers.

Summary of Comments on Proposal 6

The person who submitted the proposal decided to withdraw the current language and substitute language that roll calls of the GROW membership be done only when there are disruptive email issues, as recommended by oso-aa.org technical support. Therefore, we will consider this change as a new proposal (13.4) during the fourth 3-day session. We will not vote on Proposal 6.2.

Results of Voting on Proposal 6

No voting on Proposal 6.2 as proposal was withdrawn as written and resubmitted revision in proposal 13.

Group Conscience Decision:

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