1018 – First 3-Day Session Close

Close of 1st 3-Day Session

The first 3-day session of the October 2018 meeting has closed. Participants commented on three proposals. A summary of comments will follow for each of these proposals.

Proposal 2.1 – FYI Letter Change
Proposal 3.1 – “Let It Stay Here”
Proposal 4.1 – oso-aa.org Contribution

In order to facilitate closure on Proposal 3.1, the Chair is presenting two versions for voting. The first version (3.2a) presents the original proposal, modified to reflect changes suggested by participants. The second version (3.2b) adds deletion of the existing “Anonymity Statement” which is the penultimate paragraph of the current Weekly Meeting Format Letter.

During the second 3-day session, we will vote on the above proposals and open discussions on three new proposals:

Proposal 5.2 – Temporary Mentor & Newcomer Committee
Proposal 6.2 – Temporary Mentor & AA Resources
Proposal 7.2 – Abolish OIAA Representative Position

The second 3-day session will end on Saturday, October 6. On Sunday (10/7), the Chair will announce the results of voting and summarize comments on the three new proposals.

If you have questions or comments on the process, please contact me at dmcd.grow@gmail.com. Now, prepare yourself for a string of individual e-mail messages!!!

danna M
GROW Business Chair