1018 – Final Summary

Final Summary of October 2018 Business Meeting

Ladies, we have come to the 17th day and the end of our business meeting. During this meeting, we considered 12 proposals and approved seven Group Conscience decisions. There are three proposals for which did not achieve a 2/3 majority vote by the 17th day, and these proposals will be reconsidered at the April 2019 business meeting. I have sent separate messages listing Group Conscience decisions as well as the proposals to be reconsidered in April.

This has probably been the most productive (and complicated) business meeting that I can remember, and I have attended almost all of GROW’s business meetings. What impresses me most is that all but two of the proposals were designed to help our members stay sober. Rather than focusing on ‘bureaucratic’ decisions about job descriptions and meeting protocols, we actually focused on what GROW can do to better support its members’ sobriety.

You should feel very good about what you accomplished in October 2018! I want to thank each of you for your active participation during this meeting. You all are truly miracles! You have made GROW a better online meeting.

A few days after the meeting, our Listkeepers will remove your name from this business list. You do not need to do anything to unsubscribe.

The meeting is now adjourned.

Respectfully, danna M GROW Business Chair