1018 – OIAA Representative Report

Oct 2018 – OIAA Representative Report

Hi, I’m Jenny, an alcoholic and your group representative at the Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous.

OIAA is the global intergroup for online meetings of all kinds. Members are from all over the world and they provide the first line of communication for people seeking help/info/meeting information via the web. There is a very active 12th step committee; for every request for help they receive, over three responses are sent to the individual questioner.

Most members, including GROW, participate in the monthly role call by saying a little about their online meeting such as format, number of members, etc. Participation throughout the month is spotty and often includes a lot of cross talk. The last 6 months of meetings have been difficult for me to “attend” simply because there is so much frustration being vented.

Sometime before April, the previous treasurer absconded with the treasury (approx. $3,000). As a result, funds are low and tensions are high. Incoming funds are low, willing servants are hard to find, and some of the “old timers” are angry about it (and not afraid to say so). Part of the frustration is that without participation, OIAA may cease to exist. Full disclosure: I do not hold a service position at OIAA.

There is a monthly topic meeting (Tradition and concept) which while somewhat educational and informative still has all the above issues.

Thank you for letting me be of service.

Jenny P.
OIAA Representative