0418 – Final Summary

Final Summary of April 2018 Business Meeting

Twenty-eight participants signed up for the April 2018 Business Meeting. Thank you to everyone who took an interest, and a special thank you to those who participated through it all. During the meeting, we considered 13 proposals and made 12 Group Conscience decisions. One proposal addressing Roll Calls was withdrawn and a new one submitted in its place. The substitution was approved and adopted.

Perhaps the most substantive proposal that was considered was the Report & Proposal to create a new GROW website based using a WordPress platform. We made a unanimous decision to accept the proposal. Workgroup members include: Tanya C (Workgroup Leader & Webkeeper), Cheryl D (Webkeeper Backup), Laurie C, Gigi D, and Allison M. The workgroup will continue to implement the steps they outlined in the proposal, and they will present the proposed new website and related job descriptions in the October 2018 business meeting.

Except for the website and one other proposal (a reminder in the Weekly Meeting Format Letter that we discourage the use of URLs in GROW mail), all other proposals resulted from the review of Trusted Servant job descriptions.

Group Conscience Decisions

  • GROW will create new website using WordPress as its platform to be hosted on the current host (oso-aa.org). The workgroup will present the proposed website in October 2018 that will include revised job descriptions for the Webkeeper and Webkeeper Backup as well as for a new Trusted Servant position of Website Administrator.
  • GROW will participate in the OIAA monthly meeting by providing the following anonymous data about our group: (1) Total membership number and number of new members and (2) Total amount of sobriety for members celebrating sobriety birthdays.
  • Amend Treasurer’s Job Description to reflect actual practices and constraints: (a) Delete line item directing Treasurer to submit monthly reports to the Steering Committee. (b) Change period for distributions to GSO from quarterly to semi-annual consistent with our Business Meetings.
  • Add language about not using URLs in messages to blank “Topic for the week” section of the Weekly Meeting Format Letter.
  • Delete references in the GSR job description to the OIAA Representative including the position title and two bullets describing the GSR’s involvement with OIAA. Consistent with this change, also delete references to GSR in OIAA Rep job description.
  • Delete three duties from the Greeter job description that are not relevant to the job.
  • Amend the existing bullet in the Grapevine Representative job description that calls on the GVR to lead one meeting a month and add sentences to the Grapevine Form Letter inviting members to share on the month’s theme. Amend existing duties in the Weekly Leader Listkeeper job description to specify the timing.
  • Amend the bullet referring to a 12th Step Back-up to delete that reference.
  • Add a bullet to the OIAA Representative’s job description to submit monthly anonymous information about GROW to OIAA.
  • Add a bullet to the Listkeepers’ job description about providing monthly information about GROW to the OIAA Representative.
  • Edit the existing bullet under the Listkeepers’ Job Description to call for Roll Calls of the GROW membership be done only when there are disruptive email issues, as recommended by oso-aa.org technical support. Our Listkeepers will determine when the issues warrant a Roll Call.

There were no proposals that received “I disagree” votes; therefore, no minority opinions were needed. The only item to carry forward to the October meeting will be the presentation of the new GROW website design and related job descriptions.

This final summary concludes our GROW April 2018 Business Meeting. Special thanks to our Webkeepers, Tanya and Cheryl, for posting decisions and minutes on our website. Also, thanks to our Listkeepers, Nancy C and Karen H, for their work in getting members signed up for the meeting. By the way, you do not have to ask the Listkeepers to unsubscribe you from the Business Meeting; they will do the unsubs in a couple of days.

Thank you all for being here. A special thanks to those who participated in discussions and voting. You made this meeting a great success!

The meeting is now adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, danna M | Business Meeting Chair dmcd.grow@zoho.com