0418 – GSR Report

Apr 2018 – GSR Report

Summary of GSR Reports sent to grow members in the past 6 months:

GSR Report – October 2017
In the Box 459 Newsletter, there is a lengthy article on the history of the Central Office in New York and central offices in so many other location. It discusses the evolution of AA from a hard-to-find fellowship to one that is easy to access for meeting information and/or having someone to talk to – very interesting.

There is also an article about OIAA, which would lead one to believe it is alive and well contrary to the experience of reps in this group.

There is a report on the 2016 Southeast regional forum in Orlando, an introduction of two new staff members at the General Service in New York and five new Class B Trustees.

here is also a calendar of events around the world.

Anyone can access the newsletter at https://www.aa.org/newsletters/en_US/en_box459_fall17.pdf

GSR Report March 2018
The recent issue of box 459 has some articles that are quite touching. The first is about AA in China and the difficulty in getting it established and available. There is an additional article about AA in Cuba, Asia, and Russia. Puerto Rico is trying to keep meetings going after the hurricanes and there is a report on that too.

Lastly, there is information about Public Service Announcements in video. I looked at a few of them and continue to be so grateful to our adherence to traditions. The PSA videos don’t promote, but do inform.

As always, there are dates and places for many AA functions world wide for the next few months.

The issue is available on line. Follow the link to a pdf file: https://www.aa.org/newsletters/en_US/en_box459_spring18.pdf

Submitted by Joan Bancroft | GSR for GROW